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The Grace Tales: Going Mental Dealing With Kids Fighting in The Car?

Thanks to The Grace Tales for covering the Backseat Carma! When it comes to motherhood, one thing I’ve heard over and over is ‘it’s just a stage, it’ll pass’. As a mother, you get told this all the time. And as my girls have gotten older, I know people keep telling you this, because it’s true... When Arabella, my eldest, was a baby, she’d cry constantly every time I put her in the car. Given how stressful it was hearing her scream so badly I thought she would throw up, I ended up avoiding the car as much as I could. It was just a stage. It passed. Just like her reflux passed. And then her toddler tantrums. And her...

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Thanks to for covering the Backseat Carma! Apparently, there’s something about the backseat of a car that incites road rage in kids. Leave them back there long enough and it will eventually turn into a scene from Enter the Dragon (albeit a version where Bruce Lee just slaps a lot and whines that the bad guys are touching him again). Sadly, kids quickly realize the “I’ll turn this car around!” threat is an empty one. And handheld devices are only effective for short periods until WW3 eventually erupts.   Read the full article online here.

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Mouths Of Mums: A Sydney-based father-of-two has invented a genius device to stop children fighting in the back seat of the car

Thanks to Mouths Of Mums for covering the Backseat Carma. Mark Abay, 42, was inspired to create the ‘Backseat Carma’ after his kids fighting almost caused him to crash into the car in front. The clever tool retails at $119 and acts as a ‘backseat divider’ to ensure no scratching, biting or kicking occurs while in transit. Speaking to FEMAIL, Mr Abay shared the motivation behind his burgeoning business and explained why parents everywhere could use a Backseat Carma in their lives. Read more at

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