Mamamia: This desperate dad’s hack to stop his kids fighting in the car is genius.

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Thanks Mamamia for the writeup on the Backseat Carma!

If you’re not hearing bickering, escalating to screaming and/or physical violence, coming from the back seat of your car, how do you even know you’re a parent of more than one child?

It’s a common experience of most mums and dads as they drive their kids to school, or sports, or social events; you’re running late, thinking of a millions things, while the kids, safely buckled into the back, having nothing else to think about…so they pick fights with each other.

Which is exactly what your brain that’s about to explode with pressure needs – not.

This is precisely this scenario which inspired a desperate Sydney dad to invent a genius hack to save his sanity in the car. It’s called the Backseat Carma, and it’s essentially a divider between the kids so they can’t see or touch each other.



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backseat carma mamamia