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The creation of the Backseat Carma

We're the proud parents of two beautiful young girls. Our eldest is 5 years old and our youngest is 4 years old.


Our girls generally play nicely and can entertain each other for quite some time. However, that all changes when they get into the car. Whether it's a long or short car journey, for some reason the smallest thing will start a big fight!


It may start with one snatching the other's toy, or perhaps an evil stare or silly face. It could be as ridiculous as an argument over one girl looking out of the other girl's window. Since when do they own the window?!


As the bickering increases, so do our stress levels. I'm sure you've been in similar situations when what was meant to be a pleasant drive has quickly descended into a full scale argument between children and parents.


Stress and anxiety in the car can lead to drivers losing focus on the road conditions in front of them, which can lead to dangerous accidents.


On many occasions we discussed the need for some kind of back seat divider to prevent the girls from snatching or staring at each other. We searched high and low for some form of back seat partition or divider but couldn’t find any suitable products for sale.


We surveyed our friends to check that we weren't the only parents in need of something to stop kids fighting in the car. Not surprisingly, most friends who also have children (young and old) said they too needed such a device.


After identifying a suitable designer, we began work on designing a simple but effective product to act as a partition between kids fighting in the car. We figured that if we and our friends were in dyer need of such a product, we could help other parents also bring a calmer environment back to car journeys. 


Hence, the Back Seat Carma was born. We hope you enjoy it. Please drop us a line at hello@backseatcarma.com to let us know what you think as we'd love to hear from you.


Safe driving


Mark & Georgie