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Tips to stop kids fighting in the car

Tips to stop kids fighting in the car


With the long school holidays approaching, the chances are that you’ll be spending more time in the car with your kids, be it long road trips or just short trips keeping them entertained. Here are some top tips to help stop kids from fighting during car journeys that don’t include putting them in a zombie-like state with electronic devices.  


Boredom can play a big part in fuelling in-car arguments. Make sure that kids have toys or books to keep them entertained. This will reduce their focus on each other and therefore reduce the chances of conflict. Games are a great way to keep you kids distracted from each other. Let’s face it, playing ‘I-spy’ in the car is a right of passage for all kids! Games of concentration and imagination also help keep the parents' minds alert. Don’t forget to set prizes and motivation for kids to get involved. A competition to count the number of red cars versus white cars spotted can keep kids entertained for hours. Sing-along songs can also work a treat if your kids are into singing.


Food & Drink:

Nutrition and hydration can play a huge role in the mood of your children. Being pumped full of sugar either before or during a car journey and then being confined to a small space is obviously not ideal. So think carefully about the meals and food you give your kids before a car trip. Try to focus on nutritious snacks rather than temporary sugar highs. Hunger can be equally problematic, so make sure you either pack food or pull over for meal breaks. If you’re on a long road trip, some basic pre-journey research into where to pull over for lunch can help. Try to avoid the fast food outlets in service stations by checking out local towns slightly off the motorways instead.


Taking A Break:

If you’re planning to stop for a break during longer trips, aim for somewhere where the kids can burn off some pent up energy. Maybe there’s a playground, field or beach nearby? A good climb, run or swim while you’re waiting for your food to be served can expend your kids energy leading to a much quieter atmosphere in the car.


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Happy driving.

The Backseat Carma Team.