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Backseat Carma

End Backseat Drama

Kids driving you nuts in the car? We get it...that moment when you think you're about to totally lose it with them! Stop kids fighting and arguing in your car by installing this child friendly back seat divider.

The Backseat Carma is made from an eco friendly soft core foam construction and high quality PU leather. (PU leather was created to look and feel like leather but without having to use real animal skin) It's been designed to block kids' view and reach of each other without blocking the driver's rear view vision. So...

  • No more fighting 
  • No more snatching of toys
  • No more pulling faces 
  • No more kicking 
  • No more stressful journeys
"I am pleased to tell you that the Backseat Carma has lived up to its promise - less fighting, less stress for me. It gives each of the girls their own little space in the car.
Thank you so much - it has made such a huge difference, so glad I bought it."
Courtney Mason, Geelong West, Victoria


The Backseat Carma also allows children to pass from one side of the car to another allowing them to get in and out of the car from whichever side door is safest.

Easy installation/ removal - requires no special tools or knowledge, simply thread the seat belt of the middle seat through the Backseat Carma to lock it into place.

The Backseat Carma is made from splash proof easy to wipe clean materials.

The side pockets carry water bottles, books or that special toy.

Reduce the stress and anxiety of your car journeys by ordering yours today. You'll wonder how you ever drove without it! 

**All prices quoted are in Australian dollars

Multi-car family? Need one for the grandparents' car? Use the code BUY2 at checkout to save 5% on two Backseat Carma's, or the code BUY3 at checkout to save 10% on three!

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