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Hello! Thank you for visiting and get ready to learn more about a product that will change your car trips from chaos to calm. We’re an Australian family living in Sydney. We have two beautiful girls. We love them more than anything in the world, but they fight, a lot. Especially in the car. And that’s where this story began.

Flashback to five years ago (pre-kids) and we’d never have imagined we’d be sitting in our living room on a Sunday evening, brainstorming what to call a device that divided our children in the car so they couldn’t fight. Oh how things have changed. But The Backseat Carma (as we finally named it) was born out of pure necessity. Every single time we got in the car with our kids, they’d fight. It happened time and again. And it became increasingly frustrating, stressful and dangerous.

We tried everything – having toys ready, bribing them and when these things failed to work (they’d inevitably fight over the toys), we tried iPads. The digital devices kept them quiet but we didn’t want our kids growing up expecting that every time we jumped in the car, the digital devices would come out. We wanted them to look up, not down when in the car. The fighting became so frustrating that we knew we had to take action. We also realised how much more distracted from the road we were when the kids were arguing in the car.  

It’s not only mentally draining for parents when kids fight in the car, it’s also dangerous. How many times have you been trying to tell your kids to stop fighting while navigating busy traffic. How many times have you arrived somewhere feeling completely worn down because your kids fought the whole way? We hear you. And we’re here to help.

The Backseat Carma is designed in Australia. Our simple mission? To 'End Back Seat Drama' and make car trips calmer (See what we did there? :) ) We want to swap chaos for quiet in the car. This product is life-changing for parents – just ask the many parents who are using it. It’s trialled and tested and works. After a few days the Backseat Carma just becomes ‘part of the furniture’ and kids enjoy their own private space in the car far from the temptations of taunting their siblings. As the saying goes, ‘Out of sight, out of mind’.

We also put a lot of thought into the design – we wanted it to be safe, sleek and stylish, but also functional. The cover is made of eco friendly PU leather so you can wipe off any marks (we know they’re inevitable when you’re travelling with kids). There’s also a side pocket for water bottles, books or that favourite toy.

The Backseat Carma is one of those essential parenting devices that makes your life easier. Orders yours today. You’ll wonder what you ever did without it.

Safe Travels

Mark & Georgie