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Does it actually work?

Yes! Our very happy customers have been driving with the Backseat Carma for months now and we've received numerous positive feedback emails. You can read some in the 'Reviews' section of the website. In car fighting has been drastically reduced in all cases. The fact that kids’ reach and view of each other is blocked means that the opportunity and desire to bicker is massively reduced. We've also included a seat belt buckle guard so kids can't remove the Backseat Carma from it's location. It makes a huge difference to both short and long journeys. Our customers now can’t drive without it!

Will it work in my car/ SUV?

The no-fuss design means that the Backseat Carma will work in all cars and SUVs of all shapes and sizes. Any vehicle that has seat belt in the middle back seat will love the Backseat Carma.

Is it safe?

The Backseat Carma was designed and tested by our own family and we drive with it every day. So it was super important that safety was the first priority. With no sharp edges, hard components or even zips, we’ve designed the Backseat Carma to be very safe. In the event of an accident the Backseat Carma would act as a secured cushioning device. (In fact, an unsecured handbag in the car would be more dangerous) It’s important to note that the Backseat Carma is not a child seat or child restraint, it is a back seat divider and car accessory. 

What is it made from?

The Backseat Carma is made from safe soft core PU foam, which is more than likely the same material you sleep on each night as most mattresses are made from PU foam. It's covered in high quality PU leather. PU leather was created to look and feel like leather but without having to use real animal skin, it's also eco friendly and easy to wipe clean. If you have 'leather' seats in your car, they are most probably made from PU Leather. There are no sharp corners and no hard components within the Backseat Carma.

Can I order more than one, for my friends, family etc?

Yes, if you have two cars in your family or if you have grandparents, uncles, aunties who help out with your kids, you can take advantage of the 2 or 3 buy discounts that will be calculated at checkout. 

What are the dimensions of the Backseat Carma?

The dimensions are 61cm high x 42cm deep x 16cm wide

What colours are available?

Currently you can order the Backseat Carma in blue (our favourite) black and cool grey/ charcoal. However feel free to suggest a colour by dropping us a line via the Contact Us page.

Where do you deliver to and what are the shipping times?

Currently our warehouse is in beautiful Sydney, Australia. We can send international customers a Backseat Carma but the shipping will be slightly more expensive. If during checkout our website doesn't show you international shipping options, get in touch at hello@backseatcarma.com to discuss international deliveries.

Please note we accept credit cards from all countries and customers are responsible for any relevant duties or taxes payable upon entry to their country. 

How is it installed and removed?

No tools or specialist equipment is required. Simply slot the middle seat seatbelt through the Backseat Carma and you’re done. To remove the Backseat Carma simply unclip the seat belt and stow the device in the boot.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, you can return the Backseat Carma due to manufacturing failure for up to 12 months after purchase by returning it with proof of purchase and we’ll replace any faulty product with a brand new one. Simply drop us a note via the Contact Us page and we’ll provide you with the relevant details.  

How do I clean it?

The Backseat Carma is made from high quality PU leather (PU leather was created to look and feel like leather, but without having to use real animal skin) so it does not absorb food and drink spills and can easily be wiped clean with a damp cloth.