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Around town, even for the short trips, the Backseat Carma is making a difference; less fighting, and because the girls can't see each other, it's not in the forefront of their minds to constantly compete for mum's attention while driving!
The real tests were the hour long trips up the freeway to work, dropping the kids at daycare nearby on the way. And of course back home again in peak hour traffic. 
I am pleased to tell you that the Backseat Carma has lived up to its promise - less fighting, less stress for me. It gives each of the girls their own little space in the car.
Thank you so much - it has made such a huge difference, so glad I bought it.
Courtney Mason, Geelong West, Victoria


The Backseat Carma is great, our trips are a lot quieter now.

Ashleigh Wayne, Sterling North, South Australia 


I can honestly say that this piece of equipment has been life-changing for my family!
I have a 12 year old autistic boy who is extremely aggressive to his 7- year old brother in the car and also grabs and pulls his 16 year old sisters hair. It’s so dangerous and distracting for the driver also. 
We had just returned from a trip where both kids had been injured by their brother when the parcel arrived and I was so very thankful.
Since starting to use it my son hasn’t even attempted to get round it or over it to injure his brother and peace has been restored. 
Thank you so much for this amazing product!!!
Bec McKernan,  Gooseberry Hill, Western Australia 

Excellent customer service. Fast international delivery. Good quality product.
Backseat Carma makes a difference and reduced my stress.

Now, it's more fun to ride with kids without screaming and fighting.

Eric Melancon Quebec, Canada


It has been brilliant! We are on a farm stay at the moment which yesterday involved about 4 hours drive. We would have taken separate cars if not for the Backseat Carma as it is too dangerous (let alone irritating) to have them fighting in the back (4yo and 2 yo).

A great product that will literally save lives as distracted drivers die or kill others. Should come with every car.

Michelle Van Rensburg, Perth 


Thank you it has been a fantastic addition to our backseat. Our 2 girls (4 and 7) fight a lot less since getting the Backseat Carma. 

Nick Taylor, Bungendore, NSW


Worth every cent! I am now having the most peaceful car rides of my kid’s lives! With 2 children only 18 months apart in age even just 15 minute trip was an uphill battle. Especially after school when everyone is tired and cranky and I just wanted to get home. Start dinner and get through my 'to do list'. We no longer have fights about who is looking out who's window. Who is touching who. And the verbal fights have dwindled down to a memory. The fact that this is secured to the car also makes me feel very safe if we were in an accident. Highly recommended! 10/10

Jess Woolford, Adelaide 


My wife and I were lucky enough to be some of the first to trial the Backseat Carma. With two sons aged 10 and 12, I was sceptical that it would make a difference, but it only took a few journeys before we realised that it almost totally eliminated their arguments and fighting.

Joel Masotti, Sydney 


The stress levels in our car used to be off the scale! Our kids love to taunt each other in the car which can be distracting and dangerous. The Backseat Carma works - it cuts out the arguing and fighting. If your kids fight in the back, you need to get one!

Sanaz & Ryan Bodger, Sydney